TweetIn Radio lets you listen to your Twitter timeline wherever you are, and whatever you are busy doing. It lets you play and pause the timeline narration, navigate between the tweets, listen to certain accounts and save them as favourites, listen to your twitter lists, besides listening to tweets from search results and hashtags.

Either you are driving home, doing your daily run, or cooking a meal for the kids, you can listen to your tweets using TweetIn tweets reader with your hands free, with the tweets shown each in a separate page, to be able to have a quick peek while listening easily and quickly.

You can as well use it as a slide show to see the tweets with their images displayed, while listening to them, with tweets scrolled automatically and smoothly in rainbow background colours.

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With TweetIn Radio, you can:

  • Listen to your timeline.

  • Play and pause tweets from lock screen.

  • Search for keywords and hashtags and listen to all tweets related to them, besaides your saved searches as well.

  • You can search for accounts, save them as favourites, and listen to their tweets. For example, news accounts.

  • You can listen to Tweets related to lists you already saved in your Twitter account.

  • When listening to tweets, you can choose whether to play the default, the tweets sent in the last 30 minutes, or you can choose the last 1, 2, 4, and 8 hours.

  • You can use multiple Twitter accounts on your iOS device, and switch between them.

  • Images are automatically loaded and displayed. With the tweets played automatically, you can play them on your iPad and "watch" tweets related to a certain event or game.

  • From TweetIn Radio, you can open any tweet in Twitter app, to do any further actions.

  • If you are busy, and listened to an important tweet that you want to come back to later, shake the phone or swipe down, to add the previous tweet (the already played and important one) to "Later" list to check it later.